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What My Clients Have to Say


“I was looking for someone to transform my summer cottage into a place I could enjoy all year long. She created a floor plan that not only best utilized the space but that was functional, comfortable, and just beautiful. Audrey saw the whole project through, working with me from the design to the decor. Audrey not only has a keen eye for design, she loves what she does and it shows! I would highly recommend working with this talented designer!”

Pamela Horan

“I’m so happy I chose Audrey Clawson Interiors to redesign my dining room and bath. Interior design is very personal for me and she genuinely cares and catered to my concerns. I’ve never met anyone with such talent and patience. I definitely recommend Audrey to everyone I know.”

Wayne Buchanan

“Audrey's ideas and suggestions transformed our living room from a cold, unused area to a room that is warm, inviting, and functional. She spends time talking with you and gets to know your individual style.

Audrey appreciated and worked with pieces that I had, transferring some to other rooms and rearranging mirrors and pictures. The new floor plan increased our use and enjoyment by creating an area that was great for family time and entertaining.

Besides working with what I have, Audrey has connections with design studios and sourced unique fabrics and accessories while working within my budget. She has given me the same attention for an entire room or when I need one item or suggestion.”

Donna Mahoney